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"We've got something off the bow." Trisha said, leaning out over the console to peer out the window into the gloom beyond. "Looks like a shipping container." she added.

"A lost container drifting in space." Alena said, standing up from her seat, before walking over to the window. "Is it intact?" she asked.

"Looks that way, I'm setting a light on it." Trisha said, as a light outside the ship lit up the battered white container. "Scans indicate it's in one piece. It's letting off a really low frequency two-tone signal, probably some old SOS beacon that's worn out. Might have a good salvage on our hands."

Trisha and Alena were a pair of scrappers scouring the debris field left by the huge battle that tore through the area a few months earlier. It was dangerous, but highly profitable work. The materials used in the battleships and destroyers of both factions were highly valuable commodities, and containers jettisoned during battle, or those that survived the destruction of their ship were incredibly valuable for their military cargo. If it was valuable enough to put it into a blast-proof container, it was likely still valuable to someone else after the battle was over. Though the two women had made a sizable profit selling durasteel and quadpack-ytrittium armor plating in huge bales, one small cargo container could be worth exponentially more than a 1000 tons of scrap debris. They were quick to maneuver their older, larger freighter into position to bring the container aboard.

Moving carefully, in choreographed silence, the two women went about recovering the container- with Trisha piloting the vessel and it's delicate maneuvering thrusters, while Alena used the ship's mechanical arm to reach out and draw the container into the ships' waiting receiving bay. It was a bigger container- roughly 10 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and 25 feet long. Most containers recovered were less than 3 feet across- that no one else had found this one was an unimaginable stroke of luck, and as soon as the container hit the floor of the cargo bay, the two women leapt for joy. This could be the break they so desperately needed!

They descended to the cargo bay, and peered through the window on the door into the bay as the outer door slid shut, leaving the container in the middle of the room beyond. The door opened with a hiss as they marched into the room that had been freshly filled with new air- still slightly metallic-smelling from being compressed in the old compression system. They came upon the container, and were shocked by what they found.

"Trisha. We have hit it big." Alena said, pressing a hand to her face. They both looked on the container- aside from being large, it had armor of it's own, some sort of battered thermal insulation, and some sort of cables snaking out of a panel attached to the side of the unit. The whole container was charred and showed signs of being battered both in the battle and during it's time adrift, but appeared otherwise intact. The door at one of the narrow ends was sealed with what appeared to be a very powerful lock. Above that, in dulled but imposing red stencil, was the symbol of the Soviet Star Empire, and in 3 languages- "DANGER! DO NOT OPEN!".

"Well, what should we do?" Trisha asked.

"Grab a crowbar and crack it open." Alena chuckled.

"Seriously?" Trisha asked,incredulously.

"Of course not!" Alena said, laughing somewhat harder. "Trisha, it's a joke. We'll open this thing up remotely. Might have to blast it open with that huge magnetic locking system on there." Alena said.

"Should we leave it alone? Might be dangerous." Trisha said.

"Oh come on, the Soviets put some secret treasure in there, and it's mine now." Alena said.

The two women went over the container, trying to discern what might be inside, and how best to attack it to get inside, but finding no easier way, decided on a more direct route, and retreated to the safety of the bridge.

"Remote control arm ready." Trisha said, her monitor displaying a camera view from the end of the arm- a small metal claw was visible towards the bottom of the frame.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Pop it open." Alena stated.

Trisha delicately maneuvered the claw in to unseal the container. However, the container made a loud whistling sound, before a computerized voice stated: "Опасность! Не открывайте!"

"I wonder what that means..." Trisha said.

"Probably telling us to get stuffed." Alena said with a chuckle. "Open it." she commanded.

Trisha did as she was told, and using the hydraulic arm, began to pull at the door rather mightily, but it did not budge.

"Plan B?" Trisha sighed.

"Already down there. Maneuver the claw over to the back corner- I whipped up some charges- blow the door right off it's hinges!" she said. Trisha did as she was told, and maneuvered the arm back to where it could grapple a strange bundle of items wrapped in white heat-shielded tarp- likely something Alena had conscripted for the task.

“Set us up the bomb.” Alena said, and Trisha affixed the bundle to the locking mechanism.

“Now what?” Trisha asked, pulling the claw away from the door, as Alena tapped a screen on another console.

“Now in three, two, one!” Alena called out, before tapping the screen defiantly- and a low rumble shook the ship. The screen Trisha was looking at was filled with thick black smoke, obscuring everything in the bay.

“Knowing our luck, we've probably wrecked whatever was inside, the cargo bay, or both.” Trisha sighed.

“Unlikely. This ship is well built. The charge was just to break up the lock's plating- we may still have to cut it open.” Alena said. “You've got your cutting torch in the back right?” Alena said with a wink as she left the bridge to head back down to the cargo bay.

Trisha rose quickly to follow her, darting after her.

The two women came to the cargo bay, and saw that the air was thick with smoke. They waited a few moments for the ship's ventilation system to clean the air a bit, before they opened the huge door, and darted inside to see what was inside their prize.

The lock was obliterated- a metal frame and a dark mark where it had once been. Alena and Trisha worked together to pull the heavy door open, revealing the container's contents.

Inside, to their delight, were hundreds of smaller cases- each one stamped with yet more Cyrillic gibberish and strange yellow tags bearing an insignia they didn't recognize.

“There must be 200 boxes in here.” Trisha gasped- she could hardly believe their fortune. Even if the boxes were empty, the value of the heavy duty containers would be substantial. Alena walked carefully inside- it was clear the various-sized heavy duty containers had been neatly arranged some time ago, but now they were scattered about. She selected a smaller box, about the size of a soccer ball, with a large black plastic hasp keeping it shut, while a plastic strip sealed it like a lock. Over the hasp was another yellow tag.

“What do you suppose that means?” Trisha asked, pointing to the tag.

“I don't know.” Alena said, smiling. “Let's find out.” She said,peeling the tag off, before grabbing the plastic strip to pull it forcibly off the small container. Trisha took a defensive step back as Alena opened the box.

Inside sealed in some sort of clear inner plastic, was a brilliant red shard of some sort of crystal. Treasure. They had found actual treasure!

“Jackpot.” Alena whispered, in awe. She opened the inner container, and lifted the crystal shard out of the container, holding it aloft to look at it in the light. “Beautiful.” she added.

“I wonder if the whole thing is full of them.” Trisha whispered, her eyes wide. She'd never imagined a haul like this even in her wildest dreams. She could retire on a fraction of a share of this. It was incredible.

“I don't know.” Alena said, still studying the crystal.

“What sort of crystal is it?” Trisha asked, and Alena made her way over to her out of the container, both to give her a better view, and to get better light.

“I don't know.” Alena said. “But I like it.” she added.

“It is very beautiful.” Trisha said, watching as Alena turned it over in her hands. “I wonder what the Soviets were doing with them. Jewel smuggling isn't their usual business.” Trisha puzzled.

“Who cares. Ours now.” Alena said, clutching the jewel again.

“This is true.” Trisha said with a wide smile. “Still, we should be careful. Some of these things might be reactive elements or worse, so be careful.” Trisha said, turning to leave. “I'll get some chemical suits and the big cart- we can start sorting the loot!” Trisha cheered.

“Yeah....” Alena said, turning the crystal around in her fingers. “Bring me one too.” she said, and Trisha disappeared.

Trisha vanished from the cargo bay, down two flights of stairs to the lower holds, where yet more stores were held when the freighter was still a freighter. Now it was mostly a catch-all of junk storage for the two women, and in among the junk were the chemical suits they'd nabbed from an Allied wreck months earlier. Trisha was overjoyed at the prospect of all the riches they now had, but was still wondering why each box was sealed the way it was. She thought it strange, but concluded that with some precautions, no matter what they would make the most of their once-in-a-lifetime haul.

Trisha came back to the main deck, and rounded the corner back toward the cargo bay door, pushing a rolling cart with two bright blue chemical suits on it. She rounded the corner into the cargo bay, and made her way to the container, but noticed Alena wasn't where she had been. Trisha peered inside the container, but could not see anyone inside, and so made her way around the side of the container where she finally spotted her. Alena was standing with the crystal in one hand, raised above her head, while she remained transfixed on it- the light from the ceiling shining through it.

“Hey Alena, figure out what that is yet-” Trisha began, but stopped short. It was then she noticed that not all was well with Alena. Alena seemed oddly plump- her once fit body now pushing out against her loose clothing, making her soft flesh visible where it billowed out above her waistband. Trisha moved slowly in closer, but Alena seemed transfixed on the gem, her other hand rubbing strange circles on her belly. As Trisha came closer, she saw that Alena seemed not only more fat, but had she not known better, pregnant.

“Alena...” Trisha said, frightened. Something was happening to her friend, and it was because of the crystal! She had to get rid of it!

“Oh, uh, Trisha!” Alena said, shaking her head as she snapped out of her trance.

“Your belly!” Trisha exclaimed, pointing to where Alena's belly was now bulged out, pushing her shirt up and away, and her pants down and away from it.

“Woah!” Alena said, seeming to jump back, before stumbling a bit under her newfound weight. “What the hell!?!” Alena yelled, anger welling in her voice.

“It's that damn crystal! Put it back in it's box!” Trisha said.

“Oh man, you're right!” Alena called, taking a few steps towards where the container had been tossed on the floor. However, she finally stopped, once again to look at the crystal.

“Alena!” Trisha exclaimed, pushing herself to sound less frightened.

“Right, yeah, sorry it's just so...” Alena said, taking a feeble step forward, her eyes still fixed on the jewel. “I just, really... really like this crystal.” she said.

“Put it in the box!” Trisha said, darting to retrieve the container from the floor.

“I... I don't...” Alena began. She clasped her hands together over the crystal, and moved it over her belly in a circular fashion, her hands encasing it. “It... it feels really good Trisha.” Alena said with a smile, pressing her eyes shut.

“Put it in the box!” Trisha demanded, holding out the container for Alena. Alena didn't respond, but Trisha was able to watch as Alena's belly seemed to swell, larger and larger. Her mind raced to all the horrible things it could be out in space, and began shaking the box. “I'll take it from you! Put it in the box!” Trisha commanded.

“I just... I just gotta hold it a little more.” Alena protested, opening her eyes.

“Put it in the box!” Trisha said, clenching her teeth. “I won't ask again Alena, this is for your own good!” she yelled.

“Oh wow, that feels good.” Alena said, apparently ignoring Trisha's pleas, instead rubbing the crystal faster and faster over her billowing belly. That wasn't all that was growing- Trisha noticed that Alena's breasts had swollen up as well- her nipples pushing at the fabric, pulling her collar out and away from her, while her hips seemed much wider than before. Before her eyes, she watched as dark splotches formed around her nipples. Moments later, Trisha's gaze was pulled down to where a similar splotch had formed about her crotch. Trisha's mouth fell open- what was happening to Alena!?

“I am so wet...” Alena said, sounding almost in a stupor, as her hands moved down her round, very pregnant-looking belly, the crystal still clasped in her hands.

“Alena, give me that!” Trisha said, reaching out to grab Alena's hands, but Alena released one hand and gave Trisha a shove backwards that spilled the much smaller woman to the floor. As she fell, the container she had been holding clattered away.

From the floor Trisha watched as Alena's free hand absentmindedly pulled her pants down a bit, so that they fell down past her knees on their own. From here, Trisha could see Alena's pubic mound, and bright red vagina, glistening with moisture, and dripping from the lowermost part as the moisture bubbled up from within. Trisha didn't know what to make of this, her mouth hanging open in shock.

Alena then, in a motion so smooth Trisha thought it rehearsed, she inserted the crystal into herself pushing it deep into herself with both hands as some sort of pale liquid bubbled out more freely from her parted vaginal lips. In an instant, the crystal was gone- passed up into Alena's reproductive system.

At once, Alena began to jerk and twitch about, rather violently. Trisha was horrified- she thought she was having a seizure or worse. As she moved, almost in time with her erratic motions, her belly seemed to balloon- as if someone were blowing, rather rhythmically, into a balloon. Her breasts too continued to swell, finally pushing her shirt to the breaking point as the whole thing was soaked in breast milk. Alena fell, rather delciately over onto her back, kicking her legs, and sending a spray of juices and her pants flying away. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped.

Trisha wiped her face on her sleeve to get whatever strange liquid Alena was spewing off of her, before making her way carefully over to where Alena was now laying down on her back. From this side, she could see Alena's legs were splayed, her swollen genitals dribbling something into a pool around her, while the rest of her was obscured behind her belly. It had grown two-fold, likely pinning her to the ground with it's sheer size and weight!

“It's gonna be okay Alena, we can fix this!” Trisha called, scrambling to her friend's side.

“Ugh...” Alena said, seeming to regain some of her faculties. “I feel really fat...” she said, before setting her head back down on the floor. Trisha looked and saw where Alena's shirt had failed, rather neatly, across the front, her swollen breasts flopped down onto the soaked fabric, soaking them further in brilliant white breast milk.

“Trisha?” Alena said, her eyes still shut.

“Yes?” Trisha asked, eager to help.

“It feels really good but...” Alena said, running her hands over her massive belly. “I feel like I need to push...” she said.

“You need to... Okay!” Trisha said, moving back to kneel between her friend's splayed legs, waiting for whatever was inside to be born. She shuddered to think what might be born of something like this, and wondered if she should run and put on her chemical suit.

She didn't have time to even get up when Alena made a loud grunting sound, and a gush of fluids bubbled from her vagina, before something dark began to move towards her womanly exit. Trisha, now soaked herself, helped part Alena's lips to allow the strange, leathery thing to emerge, and it slid gently out of Alena and into Trisha's waiting hands. To her, it looked like some sort of egg, though it had a rather squishy composition, like a rotten fruit held together by a taut skin. Eager to be rid of it, she set the thing to one side as the next began to crown.

For the next few minutes, Trisha played the reluctant midwife to a nightmare, as “egg” after egg emerged from Alena's vagina. Trisha soon had two neat piles of them beside herself, seeming to allow Alena's belly to fold in on itself somewhat, and as Alena's pushing and contractions subsided, she hoped it was all over.

She looked the eggs over a bit- they didn't seem to move, despite being very squishy. She didn't know what to do- she didn't know what they were, or how they came to be, and her first instinct was to jettison them out of the nearest airlock. But, that would have to wait as Alena made one final grunt, pushing something else out of herself.

The strange crystal, now slick and glistening, covered in birth juices, fell out of Alena and rolled across the floor, before settling in front of Trisha, who nearly fell backwards trying to avoid it.

“Woah!” she exclaimed, inching back to avoid it from touching her.

“Crystal?” Alena asked, still rather obsessed with it. Trisha, now noticing the container on the floor not far from where she'd rolled back, opted to retrieve it. She grabbed the container, and set it down on the floor, assuring that the inner container was open. She then stood gingerly and darted to her tool box, as Alena began to stir. Trisha rifled through her tools quickly- she did not want Alena to get to the crystal again. Thankfully, she noted that Alena was having a hard time moving her legs back in from where she'd spread them wide, keeping her from tapping her toes on the crystal.

Trisha finally located an old, well-worn pair of long handled pliers, usually used to tighten bolts hidden between panels. She gingerly opened the pliers, and carefully picked up the crystal with them, before standing carefully with it. She gave it a gentle shake while trapped in the pliers to try and dispel some of the liquids clinging to it. However, as she did this, Trisha saw the crystal seem to “flash” with some light of it's own.

“What the hell is this thing.” Trisha said, her voice wavering. She was now genuinely afraid that the crystal was alive in some capacity. To set her fears to rest, she carefully lifted the crystal up to look at it in the light filtering down from the ceiling. She looked closely at it, and indeed it did seem to be flickering inside- she didn't understand what it was, or what it was doing- her grasp on the pliers a white-knuckled vice. For a moment she even worried she might break it if she held it any tighter.

Then, she felt a hand grab her by the pant leg, and pull her down hard. Surprised, she fell backwards, loosing her grip on the pliers entirely as she fell to the floor. She landed onto Alena, who had turned herself sideways to grapple her. Alena's naked, bloated body and breasts cushioned Trisha's fall well enough, but in an instant her mission returned to recovering the crystal.

“Give it back!” Alena said. “It felt so... so good! Trisha! Give it to me!” Alena shouted.

“Where'd it go!” Trisha squealed, scrambling to grab her pliers again, before batting at Alena to release her so she could dart away from her a few paces, pliers in hand.

“Alena! I swear if you weren't messed up like this I'd...” Trisha said, tears welling up in her eyes as she clutched the pliers in one hand. Her eyes scanned the floor frantically seeking the crystal, but it was nowhere to be found. Where had it gone?

She walked around where Alena was laying to scan the floor around her, but couldn't find it, and it terrified her- how could it have disappeared!? She stood by, hands trembling, and tried to figure out where the crystal had gone once it went into the air- she would have heard it hit the floor she thought. She pressed her eyes shut and thought about it as Alena continued to beg for the crystal. Trisha saw the crystal in her minds eye, as it left the pliers and as she came down onto Alena, but... she paused, a strange sensation washing over her.

“Oh wow, I...” Trisha stammered, her fingers twitching across the plier's twin handles as fear gripped her anew. “...I feel really, really horny...” Trisha said, trembling. Her free rose, and settled on her belly, feeling beneath the loose fabric of her shirt. She could feel something- nothing big, but a tremendous warmth that radiated out from her belly. Her mouth fell open, as her hand made it's slowly up, to the top of her shirt where the lower collar was open- her hand reached in, and there- feeling light as air, was something hard and still somewhat slimy.

“No.” she whimpered, taking the crystal in hand, and racing over to the tiny container, before tossing it inside, and slamming both lids shut with both hands, her tool clattering away unused. She then took the little case, and tossed it among the others in the bigger container, before darting over to the cargo bay door leading into the ship.

“Trisha!” Alena called, obscured behind the far side of the big container.

“Yeah!” Trisha called back, through tears.

“Did you get the crystal?” she called back, seeming to have her wits more about her.

“It's... it's safe.” Trisha lied, sitting down, before pressing her hands to her belly. It was still fiercely hot, but she couldn't make out if it was growing or not. She carefully took off her shirt, revealing her gray bra, and she studied herself carefully. The crystal had left a bright red mark on her skin where it had been sitting (though it didn't hurt or sting), and though her belly was somewhat discolored, it didn't seem to be swelling.

“Okay.” Alena called back.

A brief silence passed between them, with Trisha's terrified breathing the only sound she could hear.

“Hey Trisha?” Alena asked.

“What?” Trisha weakly called back.

“Are you lactating?” Alena called back.

“No!” Trisha called back, this time rather defiantly.

Another pause filled the air.

“Wish you were, I could use some help.” Alena called back.

Trisha looked up from monitoring her body to look over by the corner of the container, listening carefully for any sound, or the slightest hint of motion.

“With what?” Trisha asked, carefully standing- wishing she'd kept hold of her pliers.

“Well, there's a lot of these things, and they seem pretty hungry!” Alena called back.

Trisha stood, trembling, before taking a few steps towards the container again, terrified of what she was about to see.

She rounded the corner, and her hands darted to her mouth as her eyes went wide in a fresh panic at what she saw!




“Commander Broftonov?” an operations officer called from his station on the bridge.

“Comrade Rosovnitz?” a man in a black naval officers coat replied, moving to where the station was.

“A signal has disappeared from this sector of space.” Rosovnitz said, tapping the screen to enlarge it.

The two men exchanged puzzled glances, before looking back at the screen.

“Why would someone deactivate a hazardous items warning beacon?” Broftonov asked, stroking his chin.

“They would have to have opened the container to deactivate it.” Rosovnitz said glumly.

Broftonov took off his officers cap, and shook his head somberly. “The poor souls. To take a container released by the Leviathan research ship...” Broftnov said somberly.

There was a hushed murmur in the room, and Broftnov looked down at Rosovnitz where he was seated.

“Sir... they say the Leviathan was cursed.” he whispered.

“It was.” Broftonov said with a sigh.

There was a short pause as a silence filled the room.

“There were to be no ships in this sector. Whoever found that container is suffering horribly, and now it is our unfortunate duty to investigate. Whoever has done this has violated the treaty.” Broftonov said, looking to the front of his bridge.

“Helm, lay in a course to those coordinates, and take us there quickly. It could be an Allied ship that has done this. Speltsky, prepare your men and your guns for a fight.” Broftonov said, settling into his command seat as his massive Soviet battleship rumbled to life for another ill-fated voyage.

It's here, at last right? This, like most of my work, continued to stretch and stretch on and on, so I cut it down to size to post. I apologize in advance for the ending, but I have three different directions I wanted to go with it from here, and rather than leave you all hanging while I figure that out, here's something to tide you over. Yes I've been replaying Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2... does it show? Wink/Razz 

Apologies in advance for any grammar or spelling issues. I think I went over this one pretty well, but I'm far from a master editor.

More stuff coming soon, whenever the dealership isn't running me totally ragged. But hey, somebody has to sell the best cars in the world right? :D

As always, all characters depicted are fictional, and well over the age of 18. This is preggo stuff and then some, so if this isn't your thing, wander away- I won't hold you here!
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Vandrea Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
You'd think with what they do know they'd be smart enough to just blow the ship out of space without boarding it unless there worried about the crystals scattering in the explosion outside of the quarantine zone. 
CaptainHowardWebb Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Usually I'd come up with a good reason for this, but I think I'll write this one off as me being tired. You are right, the best course of action would be to just fry everything and leave nothing behind.

...but, there may be some way to rationalize irrational things yet. But, first other things. :D
Midnigh-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Damn your cliff hangers!
CaptainHowardWebb Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Trying to cook up a satisfactory end, but there are so many ways this can go, it's tough figuring out which one is best (and therefore, the one to post). Though I may have a solution for that too... :D
Midnigh-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
*grins and waits eagerly*
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